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Quality Inspection Service Agency In India

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it – Peter F. Drucker

Through our vigorous quality control procedures, we aim to ensure factories manufacture only quality products meeting the product specifications and parameters laid down by our Principals. We aim to minimise the risk of faulty product and create a high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our quality inspection services and assurance process are undertaken by our in-house team of qualified personnel who have several years of working experience in relevant manufacturing units before joining the SmallWORLD team. All chemical tests are undertaken at Independent 3rd party testing laboratories to ensure the products manufactured conform to the required physical and chemical standards.

We follow a multi -level quality assurance model, which focuses on both in-process & final product inspection. We believe - "Prevention is better than cure". Our in-process

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inspections ensure that all shortcomings found in the products are addressed by the manufacturer while the production process is on. The final product inspection act as an additional cushion for ensuring high quality of product. Issues of quality are brought to the buyer's notice and shipped on buyer's approval.

The objective of our multi-level quality assurance model is to pre-empt to the maximum possible any potential problems; ensure standards are maintained throughout the production process and be pro-active in providing solutions to any problems that arise.

Our initial inspection service is conducted when 10% of goods have been produced. At this stage, we look for early defects so that we can provide solutions to the factory for any problem identified and they can act before it is too late. Our focus at this stage is on the materials, components and processes which go into the making of the product.

The next round of inspection services is conducted when at least 50%of the goods have been produced. At this stage, our aim is to ensure there is a conformity to our findings and guidelines prescribed in our initial production check. If any actual defects are identified, we have the factory address and rectify them immediately. In the event, a proper solution is not found it is bought to our buyers notice immediately vide video, pictures or sending of a sample from production highlighting the concern and seeking their approvals.

Our last stage of quality inspection services is conducted when 100 per cent of the goods are produced and packed; ready for dispatch. A random inspection of a minimum of 10% of the produced goods is undertaken where the following are checked:

  •  Quality (appearance, performance, and workmanship)

  •  Packaging& Labelling on the product including barcodes, tags and labels on the product & inner packs; and master cartons markings.

  •  Drop tests are conducted depending on the product.

  •  A physical count of the Quantity

As a part of our final report we submit to our Principals a detailed report providing our findings. All our findings are supported with photographic evidence. If need be Videos are also provided.

Only after our reports are accepted by our buyers, the factories are provided with written consent to ship goods. Without our written consent, the forwarders do not accept the goods from the factory. This ensures only approved quality goods are accepted. If you are looking for inspection agencies in India, you can count on our experience and expertise, as we are committed and competent to source only the best quality products from India.

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