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Who we Are!

SmallWorld Are Your Expert Buying Agents

Few Indian sourcing companies have been around as long as SmallWorld. Our tailored services to our clients and diverse and time-tested vendor base meets all international compliance norms and keeps our international clients coming back year after year.

We’re always looking for new and better ways to connect you to India’s best. Learn more about how our dynamic and experienced team can help your product sourcing in India on our Services page

Global Sourcing Solutions from Small World India Now Benefit Indian Retailers

With a growing middle class and ever-more-sophisticated consumers, India now boasts one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. To meet the demand from domestic Indian retailers, Small World brings 20 years of global sourcing solutions distinguished by our international knowledge and expertise.

Domestic Indian retail chains are quickly becoming a major industry in this emerging economy, and Small World is ready to help. We can utilize our large manufacturing connections and supply chain management experience to bring the products and services Indian consumers demand.

Small World offers sourcing solutions that will save time and money and position our clients to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. Our network of vendors and our quality assurance experience has brought Indian products to the world for many years. Now, we’re offering the same global sourcing solutions to Indian retailers.

Small World’s USP Brings Global Sourcing Solutions to Indian Retailers

Small World will source international design and quality products directly to Indian retailers with our Unique Selling Proposition: skilled and experienced supply chain management. We bring together a diverse manufacturing base and help you better coordinate distribution and quality control.

Once you place your order, we conduct regular follow-ups and quality checks that are at par with our international sourcing controls. Instead of merely making sure an order arrives at its designated port intact, our domestic supply chain management services will coordinate and distribute goods from various vendors throughout India.

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