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Apparel and Fashion Accessories Sourcing Agents


How to source Handicrafts from India

We source a comprehensive range of Fashion accessories for our Principals.

Due to the large options of materials and techniques both modern and traditional, we offer a comprehensive range of Fashion Accessories from India.

The products include Scarves and Stoles, Capes and Bandanas, Beach wraps and Kimonos. Comprehensive range of fabric and Leather bags including duffels, purses, hand bags, rucksacks, etc. Small Leather accessories like wallets, belts, etc.

The Scarves are available in several compositions like cotton, viscose, silk, polyester, wool, acrylic and various blends. The scarves can be printed, yarn dyed woven or piece dyed, embellished and embroidered. Various textures and finishes like Stone wash, Enzyme wash are available.

Printing on scarves is done with the traditional table screen printing, as well as rotary & flatbed printing. Indian factories also offer computerised digital printing,


Embellishments and embroideries are done with traditional hand techniques as well as modern methods using mechanical and computer aided machines.


Bags in various options in terms of shape and size are available using fabric and leather or combination of various materials. And a large option of metal fittings in various finishes & plating are available to add to the bags.

Leather small goods are available in various skins like Sheep, Buffalo and Cow. Leathers are treated and finished with chemicals which meet the most stringent standard and pass every chemicals standard required by the most demanding of global customers.

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