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Furniture Sourcing Agent

India offers a complete range of furniture and related accessories& accent pieces. We as premier furniture sourcing agency source furniture made in Wood, metal and Pure Leather or a combination of two or more elements including glass as well as smaller causal textile accent pieces. The range of furniture available is extensive.

Whether room type or causal, the entire range is available from Sofas to Couches; Beds; to all type of tables be it Dining, Coffee or side tables; Cupboards and side boards, Bars, Chests and consoles.; Shelves, Mirrors, etc.

In addition, casual pieces like Poufs and Bean bags made form Fabric and Leather,

India offers wooden furniture in primarily two types of wood – Mango and Sheesham. The factories we source from must compulsorily have proper facilities or access to facilitiesfor seasoning and fumigation. All the wooden furniture is strictly checked by our Quality team for moisture content.


In metal, products are available in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Iron, Brass and Copper. In addition to larger pieces like beds and table, there is a large range of small accent pieces like stools, shelves, mirrors. Metal made products come in a large option of finishes; be it polished, painted and powder coated; or plated in Chrome, Nickel, copper, Brass.

India has a very large number of livestock and hence has availability of various types of leather – cow, buffalo, sheep. And hence offer the entire range of leather furniture using either wood or particle board as its base.

Due to the large sizes of the pieces and thus its potential fragility, strict emphases are given to the packaging, not just the quality of boxes but also finer details like die cut inners and protection to corners (where applicable). All packaging must pass drop test. In addition, we source an extensive range of lighting products – properly wired and with holders. All lighting products are certified by UL, CE depending on the country they are being sold to.

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