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Updated: May 5, 2020

In this age of globalization, the big international brands are also welcoming the products of smaller ventures across different nations. Unable to communicate directly with these native suppliers, the renowned brands are taking aid from middle-men. This middle-man is the buyers’ agent who interacts with the potential sellers for products and negotiation.

Numerous such agents exist in the fray, but not all are able to procure the best items and deals. Therefore, you must team up with an agent or company, which will provide you with quality supplies at a competitive rate. Small World India is a befitting company in this regard, as it offers effective services to the global buyers for enhanced business.

The main objective

The main aim of this sourcing service provider is to introduce you to vendors who create unique and superior materials. The craze for these local and exotic items is huge in the international markets, so the brands are eager to outsource. They wish to capture the market, but it is impossible to control product quality from a far and so the agents are necessary. The agents run thorough searches to display new talents and make them popular.The service providers not only bridge the gap between the two parties but also efficiently manage the entire outsourcing procedure. Small World has been in the field since 1993 and has created a huge base of popularity that enables it to perform multiple tasks.

Services that you can enjoy

A sourcing company provides you with the following services for smooth and uninterrupted propagation of business:

Product Profile: It is the responsibility of the buyers agent to develop and source the products as per the needs of the buyers. The agent helps in the conceptualization of the items and offers various kinds of value added services. It does tailor-made packaging with proper tagging and barcodes to ensure security and then performs on-time delivery.

• Seamless Synchronization: The agent acts at a single-stop that performs all the required co-ordination and communication works while reducing the stress of the buyers.

• Thorough Inspection: In order to assure the quality of the product, the agent inspects the items carefully twice; the first time, when the products are in the process of manufacturing and second time, before delivery. The agent prevents any problem that crops during the processing and solves the same instantly to please the parties.

• Support System: The agent is not only active during the production but also before and after the same. It ships and tracks the delivery in cost-effective ways to lower the burden off the buyers’ shoulders.

• Sourcing Varieties: The sourcing company has the ability to source various types of items belonging to different categories. It sources footwear, apparels, furniture, home textiles and other hand-crafted items from interior areas of the countries.

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