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Product Sourcing in India from SmallWorld Is Focused on Your Business Goals

The global marketplace is making our once large world much smaller. Today, international businesses access goods and services across our planet. But how can you find the best bulk products overseas? You need a trusted Sourcing Service Provider on the ground to get in on quality-manufactured goods from India.

SmallWorld specializes in connecting international and local businesses with India’s best goods and services. We’re your portal to more than 100 vendors from all over India. SmallWorld’s customized source services save money and time for companies spanning a wide range of industries:

Product Development and Sourcing

Every industry is ultimately driven by good product sourcing. The supply chain involves activities right from discussion of a product conceptualization, presenting artwork and computer aided design to developing a sample. We provide "value added services" like designing & developing customized packaging , specilized labelling , barcoding and security tagging etc.

Small World makes best use of its experience to speed up the process of product development & sourcing. With high pressure on margins, this is an area that accounts for significant cost savings for our buyers.

We currently source from more than 70 vendors across India who have been evaluated for their operational & financial capabilities. Our sourcing services India capabilities also allow us to evaluate a specific, new vendor for their operational & financial strengths on the request of our buyer.

In short, with Small World, you are sure of:

(a) Accelerated time-to-market.
(b) Improved efficiency.
(c) Improved management of specification changes in product.
(d) Enhanced quality of product without costly design flaws.
(e) Professional co-ordination & synergistic collaboration.
(f) Tracking of key milestones & their reporting .

Product Development.jpg

Communication & Co-ordination


Small World believes in quality assurance rather than quality control. This belief of ours powers our enthusiasm and proactiveness in taking necessary steps for quality assurance.

Follow-ups and their subsequent replies are managed by us.

Quality Assurance and Inspection

Small World is your single-point for communicating and co-ordinating instead of multiple point of communication with vendors, test labs, banking etc. We concise information to the most effective system of communication.

We follow a two-level quality assurance model, which focuses on both in-process & final product inspection. We focus the declism - "Prevention is better than cure" . Our in-process inspections ensure that all shortcomings found in the products are addressed by the manufacturer while the production process is on. The final product inspection act as an additional cushion for ensuring high quality of product. Issues of quality are brought to the buyer's notice and shipped on buyer's approval.

To ensure product meet the quality parameters we avail the services of external agencies like SGS & MTL and other specialized test houses.

Quality Control.jpg


Logistic Support.jpg

Perfect sourcing is a result of excellence in pre-production, production and post-production activities. Efficiently managed shipment consolidation & tracking not only ensures timely delivery, but also significant cost savings for our buyers.

Our source services team works in perfect synergy with your nominated consolidator to plan an effective cargo consolidation. It ensures consolidation of only the quality approved goods, preferably as full container load (FCLs), leading to optimization of shipping costs. Our MIS provides regular periodic updates on shipping status.

Small World Independent Inspection Services 

What is SWIIS?

SWIIS is a quality assurance organisation situated on the outskirts of New Delhi, India, providing Third Party Inspection and Factory Audit Services across the country to buyers for over 25 years. 


What is a Third-Party Inspection? 


Independent companies, on behalf of the buyer, conduct third party inspections to ensure quality standards of the manufacturing process and all products. These organized, unbiased evaluations deliver fair verdicts while looking out for the client and the requirements put forward. Our experts at SWIIS have relevant training and years of experience to provide you with a clear picture of where the current project stands. Our specialised teams ensure thorough verification and quality control in the interest of the buyer’s reputation and the satisfaction of the final consumer. Such inspection can be conducted at any or all stages of the manufacturing process (initial, midline, and final) to avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of shipment.

Third Party Inspection 12.jpg

Why Do You Need a Third-Party Inspection? 

A Third-Party Inspection is a well-justified expense which can be beneficial for several situations, including: 

  • when working with new suppliers.

  • identification of quality issues on-time and helping avoid expensive errors. 

  • Factories avoiding employing an in-house quality control team. 

  • when faced with repeated product quality issues or vendors who have a history of quality failures. 

Why Choose SWIIS:

We at SWIIS serve as your eyes and ears on the ground. Our distinguishing features include: 

  • Technically trained manpower 

  • Knowledge of all stages of the inspection process 

  • In-depth product knowledge and experience in hard lines and soft lines 

  • Specialised manpower for Unique Inspections 

  • Inspection of international standards at Indian prices 



Factory Audit Services:

Nowadays, companies prefer to consolidate their vendor base. An important decision for any buyer is deciding on a factory to be a part of their supply chain. SWIIS helps in evaluating a factory for you to make this critical decision. Our factory audit includes:  

  • Verification of company legality information and bank information

  • Assessment of production capabilities 

  • Assessment of machines, facilities, and equipment 

  • Approval of the manufacturing process 

  • In-house quality assurance systems, including testing and inspection 

  • All production and quality accreditations 

  • Ensuring adherence to social and environmental compliances 

For queries and inspection requests, please contact us at 

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