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Home Textile Sourcing – An Emerging Market In India

Updated: May 6, 2020

Home textile Sourcing companies are realizing and perhaps even creating an untapped demand for home textiles in India. Likewise, consumers have begun to experiment with a vast range of home textiles, hence breaking the stereotypes of the commercially defined tastes.

In the past few decades, many more Indians have entered higher income brackets. Evidently, these families are focusing more on cultivating a home based on a personal aesthetic as opposed to buying purely based on functional needs. With this shift towards more individualized homes, consumers have inevitably created a demand for home textile sourcing, which has been adeptly identified by sourcing agents.

India: A melting pot of culture and fabrics

India’s socio-political and cultural reality is differentiated in the sense that it creates a market like none other across the globe. In each part of the country a different kind of fabric or fabric work is popular. The perplexing thing about our culture is the rich diversity of our lands, and consumers can source fabrics from different parts of the country since the same variety is not available locally.

For example, Rajasthan is popular for block printing of Sanganer or Alwar’s silk embroidery or Phulkari work on Meo fabric. Similarly, different states in India are popular for different kinds of fabrics or embroidery work. Sourcing agents, therefore, have the mammoth task of sourcing different fabrics from different parts of the country. This helps them to source the home textiles that the consumers desire in order to provide the distinct look they are seeking.

Textiles for every room

Home textiles include products for bed and bath, windows and floors, kitchen and tables and soft furnishings such as throw blankets or pillows, beanbags, cushions, etc. In addition, there is a whole range of cushion covers, bed covers, blankets, throws, curtains, sheers, and more that you could experiment with in your bedroom space.

You no longer need to limit yourself to generic designs or pre-packaged sets when you can choose from a plethora of weaves, knitting, and embroidery. You could even pick your own fabric or tapestry design if you want to really push the boundaries of creativity.

The important thing to remember, however, is not to limit this fabric explosion to just your bedroom or your drawing room. Instead, you should pick elements that are cohesive and can be represented throughout your home in small moments such as a cushion or larger ones such as curtains or table cloths. Don’t be afraid to unleash your imagination and play around with fabrics even for tea towels or other unexpected ways to incorporate interesting textiles within your home.

Home textile sourcing is a mode for creative expression and a representation of your individual personality within your den. All you need is to possess the knowledge of experimenting with textile and acquire the patience to actually go for it. Once it happens, nothing can stop you from designing your home with the best textiles from across the country.

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