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Handicrafts in India

Rich, diverse, and unique, the handicrafts industry of India perfectly mirrors the country’s culture. Employing millions of artisan and craftsmen from all across the nation and playing a significant role in the country’s economy, this industry matchlessly represents tradition and heritage. Several of the products and artefacts are exported to a variety of countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and more. Handicraft items from India that attract great popularity include metalware, woodware, bamboo products, paintings and crockery, jute products, leather products, brass and marble sculptures, carpets, and more.

What gives India an edge?

India has an edge against competitors such as China, Thailand, Taiwan, and others, who largely produced machine-made goods. Indian handicrafts are unique and handcrafted, giving them a distinct character. The workmanship, designs and finishing is exclusive and cannot be replicated with ease. India also has an abundance of raw material due to its widespread fertile lands, further giving a push to the industry and allowing it to be self-sufficient.

Which are some popular handicrafts in India and which are their hubs?

  • Metalcraft, including jewellery, utensils and statuettes. This is found in West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Bihar, and Odisha.

  • Pottery. This is found in Kutch, Alwar, Jaipur, Kangra and Meerut.

  • Textiles, in a variety of weaves, fabrics and designs, including silk, Indian cotton, block prints, and more. These are found in one variety or the other across the country.

  • Paintings, including Madhubani, Tanjore, and more. These wall adornments are found in Rajasthan and South India to name a few.

  • Carpets. These unique floor coverings are found in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Odisha and some other states.

  • Woodwork. This is found in Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh.

  • Silver filigree. This is found in Cuttack (Odisha) and Karimnagar (Telangana).

  • Paper crafts. These are found in Delhi, Allahabad, Awadh, Patna, and more.

  • Jute products. These are found in West Bengal and Assam.

Additionally, cane work, bamboo products, appliqué inlays, and more, are also popular handicrafts from India that are of great demands in the international market.

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