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Different Types of Quality Inspections Services – An insight

Updated: May 5, 2020

Quality inspection refers to the measures taken to verify, calculate and test one or more product features of a company. A quality checker is hence the specialized personnel who possess the required skills, qualification, and the knowledge of (universally or nationally acknowledged) quality standards to confirm the compliance of a product. His functions do not collide with that of production workers who are responsible for preparation, handling and operation.

Based on the situation, the services may vary. Following are the different types of quality inspection services, which you should come across while understanding quality inspection and control.

Pre-Production Inspection

This kind of quality inspection occurs done before a product acquires its final shape. The quality inspector helps to enlighten the consumers about the raw materials used to manufacture a product. The market has many deceitful people; in order to make more profits, they use substandard materials. Certain factories often provide every lower quality products, especially apparel selling companies.

The pre-production inspection emancipates the buyers from any such disastrous experience. Thus, companies hire apparel sourcing agents to make sure buyers receive what they are looking for. Moreover, it assures that they would receive value for money products.

During Production Inspection

Popularly known as DUPRO, these types of quality inspection services give the consumers an idea of the average product quality, in the early stage of production. Mostly considered as an under-rated service, it is in fact the most important tool, importers generally rely on final inspections.

With this procedure, an apparel sourcing agent can check the quality of the produce. If any issue emerges, they rework on it to ensure corrective actions fall in order. In the proceeding of a bulk orders, the agents help to get away with such issues. Moreover, buyers get the time to plan ahead and avoid delays by analyzing the outcome from this kind of inspection.

Final Random Inspection

The pre-shipment inspection is the most common type of inspection. It takes place after the packing of 100 percent or atleast 80 percent of the shipment. It is a form of random inspection activity, which can put pressure on the suppliers. With an aim to confirm a shipment quality it gives more power to buyers.

Container Loading Inspection

Much like pre-production inspection, container loading inspection is also quite a rare practice. But this kind of quality inspection services is a necessity for specific circumstances. If the consumer needs a precise loading plan this service can be a useful one.

This inspection is helpful when the cartons need careful handling or it is difficult to place them at the bottom. Moreover, there may be instances of non-conventional packaging, where the garments are hanging out due to the carelessness of the apparel sourcing agents or packaging has torn due to mishandling. In all such cases, rearrangements are possible during this specific inspection. It assures that nothing goes out to the customers without the carton protecting the product inside.

All these services are important to check the product quality before launching them in the market.

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