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Sourcing from India

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

India is increasingly attracting a number of businesses worldwide by catering to their sourcing requirements. An emerging giant, India’s many sourcing companies house remarkable experience. From identifying the best vendors and negotiating prices such that you get a bang for your buck, to conducting thorough quality inspections and taking care of other vital requirements, they offer an extensive range of products within a short span of time.

Additionally, several other factors contribute to India’s superior position and gives it an upper hand when it comes to sourcing goods and products.

  1. Availability of domestic raw material: With an abundance of fertile land and strong agricultural industry, raw material including cotton, silk, jute, metal, bamboo, wood, among others, is readily available in India, and does not need to be imported from other countries. In fact, India is the world’s largest producer of cotton.

  2. Unique handicrafts: India houses a rich cultural tradition and several indigenous handicrafts styles. These unique products and techniques cannot be found across other countries. Cane and bamboo products from Assam, rosewood inlay from Karnataka, blue pottery from Rajasthan, and stone carvings from Odisha are only some of the many spectacular crafts native to India.

  3. Production of small quantities: Owing to the fact how lots of Indian products are handmade, producers are willing to produce a smaller number of items. This can be a massive advantage for someone starting out with a limited budget or testing a new product line.

  4. No language barrier: English is an official language in India and is widely spoken by the masses. While some are naturally more fluent than others, one would not face any communication barriers at large when speaking with a supplier, thus ensuring a smooth sail.

  5. Individuals from disadvantaged and economically weaker backgrounds are often involved in the crafting and production of several items. By sourcing from India, one is not only availing noteworthy, differentiated products but also helping sustain the livelihood of numerous communities of indigenous craftsmen.

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