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Indian Handicrafts and Its Comprehensive Range Requirement in Global Market

India has an abundance of various natural raw materials. Combined with the unique skills of the workers which have been passed on from one generation to another, the Handicraft product offering is comprehensive and ranges from traditional carvings, embroideries, mirror work to metal ware and woodwork. Hand printed textiles; Hand knotted and embroidered textiles, Leather goods, stoneware, painting.

The vast array of products is made from various materials like Bone and Horn, Leather, Fabrics, Wood, Leather, Glass, Metals including Iron, Aluminum, Brass, Steel, Copper, to name a few. The products are made both from a single material as well as a combination of two or more materials.

The range of Handicraft items offered is extensive. To list a few:

In metal ware, a comprehensive range of decoration and utility items are offered, these include Hurricanes, Candle holder, T-lights, votives, and Pillar plates, Vases, Bowls and Mirrors, Tray, Wall plaques.

As well as small types of furniture like Tables and Stools. Mirrors & Clocks. These items are available in different finishes – polished, powder coated or plated.

In wood, carved mirrors, boxes, trays, photo frames, decorative pieces, candle stands, Mirrors, Furniture both modern and colonial; Screens; to name a few, Items in Glass including vases, candle holders, tea lights, votives, decorations etc. Stoneware from Marble, Terracotta, Blue pottery

Fashion Accessories including Scarves – printed, woven and embellished, Scarves, Jewellery both fashion and imitation.

Paper products – handmade, recycled, paper Mache used for desktop, storage, and gift items. Embroidered and embellished Quilts & cushions; Gift boxes.

Thus, the Handicraft Industry of today has matured from traditional crafts and now offers a vast range of products both for Decoration as well as Utility.

Traditionally considered as a cottage industry, today some of the sectors within the Handicraft Industry like Metalware, and Glasswork have become full-fledged industries in their own rights.

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