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Amazon FBA and Dropshipping from India

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Amazon and other E-commerce marketplaces globally have given a big opportunities to sellers and retailers all over the world to sell with minimum infrastructure and investment.

A lot of entrepreneurs and companies are able to grow their sales and business, leveraging amazon and other popular E-commerce website .E-sellers are leveraging the technology, logistics and marketing tools to establish a strong online business.

One of the key things to succeed in dropping and Amazon FBA is sourcing quality products at a good price. Controlling the supply chain becomes a key success factor for the business.

India presents a great opportunity for retailers and E-commerce seller to source products. Sourcing in India is not very simple and straight forward. It comes with it’s own challenges.

India like many developing countries has fragmented manufacturing hubs spread across the length and breadth of the country for various products lines. These hubs are mainly located in remote villages and towns. It is very important to source from these hubs to ensure you get the cost benefit and there are no trader or middle men markups. It often becomes very difficult to reach the grass vendors from international locations.

One of the best and most cost-effective ways is to source from India is through a sourcing agent , buying House or a Buying Agent such as Small World India (Website: Sourcing agents for a small commission fee are able to help you establish a strong supply chain in India. Sourcing agents and Buying Agents such as Small World India act as a single point of contact for Vendor search, Product development, Sampling, price negotiations, quality control & quality assurance, packaging, communications ,on time deliveries etc. They act as your Indian partner ensuring long term success.

It is always recommended to work with very renowned and reputed buying agents and sourcing agents who have a good history. They are easily able to negotiate favorable terms and ensure there are minimum glitches. The small cost that you pay is easily recovered if you are able to find reliable and quality partners.

For any sourcing tips or questions you can drop your comments below and we will be happy to answer each.

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