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Product Sourcing in India from SmallWorld Is Focused on Your Business Goals

The global marketplace is making our once large world much smaller. Today, international businesses access goods and services across our planet. But how can you find the best bulk products overseas? You need a trusted partner on the ground to get in on quality manufactured goods from India

SmallWorld specializes in connecting international and local businesses with India’s best goods and services. We’re your portal to more than 100 vendors from all over India. SmallWorld’s customized services save money and time for companies spanning a wide range of industries:

International Businesses

Local Retail Businesses

Hospitality Industry


International Sourcing

International Sourcing through Small World: India’s Finest at Your Fingertips

At the heart of any successful company is a well-oiled sourcing machine. With more than 20 years’ experience in international sourcing, the Small World buying agents team is one of the most experienced in the field. With access to more than 100 diverse vendors, we are the go-to global sourcing experts for companies across North America, Europe, and Australia.

Small World offers your company superior quality, savings, and a sharp competitive edge. Because we work directly with factories and not traders, you only pay the manufacturing prices, lowering your costs and streamlining your operations.

We customize the international sourcing process to your company’s individual supply-and-demand strategy, maintaining clear communication between you and the factory to polish a product’s specifications until it meets your highest standards. We also offer value added services, including product concept analysis, design, and prototype development.

Each vendor is monitored for international technical compliance standards, and our quality assurance protocol ensures that if issues do arise with your order, they’ll be resolved before the product ever leaves our shipping dock.

Our time-tested vendor base covers the entire length and breadth of India. Whatever you need for custom imports, Small World is Your trusted international sourcing partner for:

Elegant furniture in wood, metal, and leather

Rugs, bathmats, and floor coverings

Small leather goods, belts, and bags

Scarves & fashion accessories

Home textiles for the bedroom, kitchen, and dining room; throws and pillows

Gift items, home décor, and more, made from metal, glass, wood, etc.

No Small Wonder Why Small World Agents Are the Experts

Finding an international sourcing company you can trust can be difficult. You want the best quality products and prices, and timely delivery without any strings attached to hidden commissions or built-in fees.

At Small World, we provide sustainable, trustworthy sourcing, built on a three-part frame of superlative customer support:

Communication & Coordination: Built on straightforward communication and coordination, single window sourcing consolidates multiple products from multiple Indian factories within Small World’s network, leading to cost, time, and productivity savings for you.

Quality Assurance & Inspections: Proactive quality assurance strategies focus on in-process and final product inspection, providing a double-cushion of flawless, hassle-free quality satisfaction.

Logistic Support: Support offered throughout all phases of production, including efficient shipment consolidation and reliable shipment tracking so you know when to expect your product.

Why International Sourcing? Small World Can Bring Dynamic Solutions to Your Company

Not all international sourcing companies are created equal, but when it comes to Small World’s honest, intuitive services, you’ll get the latest product trends at the best prices when we represent you in India.

Through proactive, full-service international sourcing by Small World, you’ll benefit from numerous profit-boosting bonuses:

Save Money by Sourcing Direct – Small World agents eliminate the added expense of working with traders, offering a lower manufacturer’s price without a trader’s mark-up. We also operate out of one facility, keeping costs low on our end, which brings more savings to you.

Tap Emerging Markets – Small World will put you in direct contact with the most cost-effective and capable markets producing the best in emerging product trends. We have the deeply rooted presence and connections within the industry to tap these gold mines for you.

Manage Quality and Risk Liability – Clear lines of communication between buyer, buying agent, and factory eliminate product error and ensure that product quality will be exactly what you paid for.

Seek Sustainability – We offer personalized consultation and troubleshooting throughout the entire product sourcing process, giving you a sustainable foothold in the market of your choice.

Discover Single Window Sourcing – Source multiple products from multiple factories through just one convenient central source, promoting productivity, efficiency, and a cutting edge competitiveness that will keep your company on the forefront of your industry.

At Small World, our seasoned international sourcing experts employ the latest in technological support to provide you with accelerated time-to-market custom quality. Contact us to learn more about how Small World can boost your bottom line with India’s finest products.


International Sourcing

Global Sourcing Solutions from Small World India Now Benefit Indian Retailers

With a growing middle class and ever-more-sophisticated consumers, India now boasts one of the fastest growing economies in the world. To meet the demand from domestic Indian retailers, Small World brings 20 years of global sourcing solutions distinguished by our international knowledge and expertise.

Domestic Indian retail chains are quickly becoming a major industry in this emerging economy, and Small World is ready to help. We can utilize our large manufacturing connections and supply chain management experience to bring the products and services Indian consumers demand.

Small World offers sourcing solutions that will save time and money and position our clients to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. Our network of vendors and our quality assurance experience has brought Indian products to the world for many years. Now, we’re offering the same global sourcing solutions to Indian retailers.

Small World’s USP Brings Global Sourcing Solutions to Indian Retailers

Small World will source international design and quality products directly to Indian retailers with our Unique Selling Proposition: skilled and experienced supply chain management. We bring together a diverse manufacturing base and help you better coordinate distribution and quality control.

Once you place your order, we conduct regular follow-ups and quality checks that are at par with our international sourcing controls. Instead of merely making sure an order arrives at its designated port intact, our domestic supply chain management services will coordinate and distribute goods from various vendors throughout India.

Here’s what Small World can do for your Indian retail business:

Communication & Coordination: Small World offers a single window for all the needs of a domestic company that wants to sell the best products from India from multiple factories, improving profitability and leading to better productivity for the company.

Quality Assurance & Inspections: Small World’s two-level quality assurance model focuses on in-process and final product inspections that ensure all product shortcomings and defects are addressed by the seller and only buyer-approved products are shipped to the store.

Logistic Support: Small World efficiently manages all production activities from pre- production to store, tracking shipment consolidation to ensure timely delivery, offering significant savings all along the supply chain.

Discover How Small World’s Global Sourcing Solutions Can Help Your Indian Retail Business

Small World’s global sourcing solutions offer Indian retailers many benefits, from accelerated time-to-market and improved supply chain efficiency to better quality products and higher profits for your business. Since 1993, Small World has built trusted connections with more 100 quality vendors across India. Now, those vendors can enhance your bottom line.

Our services are highly affordable, especially when you consider how smoothly your supply chain will operate when we use the latest technological tools to ensure only the best Indian products make it to your shelves.

Contact Small World today to learn more about how our global sourcing solutions can make your Indian retail business stand out in the crowd.


International Sourcing

Product Sourcing for the International and Domestic Hospitality Industry from Small World

Product sourcing in the booming global hospitality industry is a complex and ever-changing world. New hotels, restaurants, and hospitals are often initially stocked with furnishings and amenities of a certain style, but after a few years, they need replacing. Continuity is important for giant global chains, and standard vendors often can’t keep up.

Small World offers a diverse portfolio of hospitality products with innovative design, quality engineering, and functionality, with assurance of continuity of supply. Our product range of bath accessories, furniture, and furnishings are designed to withstand the daily needs of guest rooms for hotels worldwide.

Small World is your single window product sourcing agent that connects you to more than 100 quality Indian manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors. We can find the best suppliers for all your hospitality sourcing needs, including elegant furnishings created to your exacting standards.

Product Sourcing from Small World Keeps Your Overhead Costs Low

Renovating an entire hotel chain can cost a fortune in lost revenue. Small World understands the ins and outs of international product sourcing. Since 1993, we’ve build a trusted network of quality Indian suppliers to ensure your next hospitality sourcing expense won’t make such a costly impact on your hotel business.

Small World offers you the best of India’s booming manufacturing base. Growing demand for hotels and hospitality services both outside and inside India means the competition for product sourcing in this economic sector is also on the rise.

Our trusted network of vendors means we can keep your costs down without skimping on quality. Indeed, we bring the same exacting standards and vertical logistical support to our hospitality sourcing services that we rely on for our international and domestic sourcing services:

Communication & Coordination: Small World offers a single window for hospitality sourcing, obtaining the best products from multiple Indian factories that save time and expenses.

Quality Assurance & Inspections: Our two-level quality assurance model focuses on in- process and final product inspections so the products you order will be the products delivered, on time and well within your budget.

Logistic Support: Small World efficiently manages product shipments, relying on the latest technology that creates a more efficient and open supply chain.

Hospitality and Product Sourcing from Small World Can Make All the Difference

When you need quality hospitality sourcing from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, Small World is your one-stop destination. Contact Small World today to see the difference a truly connected hospitality sourcing company can make for you.